Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ugly Duckling...

Its amazing what a good stylist can do these days. One minute you can look like the frumpy girl next door complete with last seasons dress and absolutely no idea how to walk in heels, then suddenly a stylist equipped with a magic wand sunders in on her Gucci platforms and transforms the uncoordinated duckling into a stylish princess. A great example of this is Kristen Stewart from the Twilight saga. Boy oh, boy did she need a little guidance in the fashion department. Here she is promoting Twilight in 2008.

Cringe worthy moments. I mean, the hair, the fit of the clothes and not to mention the poses are all a little off target for a starlet. The magazine reports after these pics came out were certainly not kind. But then along came a stylist and clicked her Prada heels together to create a whole new look for the lovely Kristen. Here are some pics of her recently promoting New Moon in LA, Japan and Europe.

I particularly like the fact that the above dress has an origami touch to the hem, she wore this whilst promoting in Japan. The only criticism I would have for Kristen is to practice smiling, scowling was so last year. You know what they say, 'You're never fully dressed without a smile..'


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