Friday, July 10, 2009

Bubbles is watching...

Hayden Penettiere

Not only does she fight against the killing of dolphins in Japan but she is so fashionable. Every time I open a magazine there she is! I love it.

How to get her look:

Hayden is young, fresh and feminine. She love showing off a bit of leg (and why shouldn't she), she also loves accessories and statement shoes. She's what every girly girl wants to aspire to. But how can you achieve her look and still have e nough mula to go out with? Well I have looked around and come across some key pieces.

  • It's all about dresses and skirts, especial ly in summer
  • Pastel colors look great, and will take you day to night
Forever New Embellished Tie Front Kaftan ($149.95), Cooper Street Melvin Striped Frock ($159.95), Cooper Street Dream Weaver Frock ($169.95), Sportsgirl Mesh Cha Cha Dress ($119.95)

  • Its all about statement shoes- don't be a fraid to mix chunky black heels with a feminine frock
  • Tip- practice walking in heels before you venture out, also the more beverages you have the more harder it is to balance on heels, so go what you are comfortable with
  • Party feet are the answer to all your feet problems

Mimco Glow in the dark Booties ($349), Glamour Puss Ballet ($139.95), Siren Cult ($139.95)

  • Charm bracelets, chandelier earrings, f eminine head bands, broaches and chunky bangles make up the perfect outfit
  • Tip #1: if you outfit has color in it always stick with that color
  • Tip #2: my Mum would always say- either earrings & bangle or necklace & bangle or earrings & necklace never all 3! This is so you don't end up over cluttering the outfit
  • Tip #3: less is more
Mimco Floral Muse Necklace ($329), Mimco Crystal Pearl Studs ($99.95), Mimco Treasures Charm Bracelet ($249)

Diva Gold Corsage Layer ($32.99), Sportsgirl Vintage Boquet Brooch ($14.95), Sportsgirl Butterfly Headband ($14.95)

So go out there and let your inner Hayden shine!


*Note: all prices are subject to change are in $AU

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