Monday, March 15, 2010

NYC Prep Style

How to add a bit of NYC to your everyday outfit

I am loving the NYC preppy style. Think Gossip Girl meets Clueless meets Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Here in the land Down Under the NYC Preppy style needs to be tweaked ever so slightly to fit in with our relaxed lifestyle, climate, social events and budget.

I've been doing my research and have found the important essentials to add to your Preppy Girl wardrobe. My NYC Prep style icon is Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

The Headband

The very essence of Preppy. You most likely were forced to wear them when you were in primary school in order to keep the hair out of your face. You also were most likely to throw it on the floor, break it, loose it or give it to your friends.

Well, stand back as the headband is now making a come back. And its not only to be used for bad hair days or because you need to grow out your fringe. It's to be worn to every occasion and anytime of the day. Blair usually wears hears with her hair down, which I personally prefer as it looks more casual. Also bigger is better. Try channeling your inner Alice in Wonderland with the classic Alice Band, or maybe you prefer a floral fascinator, or perhaps you're a bit like me and purchase every headband out there!

The structured blazer and cute cardigan 

I just went and bought 3 cropped, tailored blazers in 1 day! I couldn't help myself, they were just too cute!

Hints and Tips:

  • Invest in a bright colored jacket to be worn over dresses (personally favorite is red or bright yellow)
  • Remember the climate- here in Australia it seems to be either the wet or the dry season, depending on where you live. So don't buy an expensive, bulky jacket that you will never be able to wear. Instead go with something that is light weight with a fantastic lining 
  • Petite? Wear cropped and tailored jackets as this will make you look in proportion. Tall? You're lucky. Anything goes, try a loose fitted, long blazer with a long top and leggings for an alternative preppy look


Stockings/ Tights/ Knee High Socks 

Thanks to the colder months (my fav is Autum ) we can finally see ourselves wearing stocking, tights, and knee high socks. Blair rocked tons of different pairs of tights in every pattern and color imaginable.

Hints and Tips:
  • Colors- try bright reds (Blairs signature color), yellow, aqua, white, grey. Try matching the colors to another smaller part of your outfit- e.g. headband, bag, accessories. 
  • Patterns- anything goes. I personally prefer black patterned stockings, definitely NOT fishnets (did you want to look like a Playboy Bunny?!) Instead go for flowers, hearts, stripes, checks and spots to complete your preppy look. 
  • Knee High Socks- OK, this is a tricky one. You can either look like a Japanese Tourist, a school girl or just plain trashy. If you are comfortable with your legs then anything goes, however I would suggest to wear black or grey knee high socks over black stockings with a flared or pleated skirt. Stick with flat enclosed shoes to complete your preppy look

Overall, the NYC preppy Style is classy, tailored and feminine. Remember to have fun with it, try new things and make it your own signature style.

You know you love me! XOXO

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Nails

Here are a few 'beauty' shots. Inspiration: Nails- The Kardashians, Hair- I really, really need to get my re-growth done, Earrings- black chandeliers, Flower- Sex in the City. Eyeliner- practicing my 'Cleopatra' eye make up for my Sister's dress up party on the 30th (also Halloween), Glasses- were my Sisters from when she saw Final Destination in 3D (lenses have been taken out), Poses- me being a dork... ;p 

Friday, October 23, 2009


"I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie world. Life is fantastic, wrapped in plastic" -  Aqua- "Barbie Girl" 

My last entry about shoe/ heel obsession got me thinking of what other obsessions I have, or have had... and yes, you guessed it... Barbie! 

I have two sisters, both younger, and both my parents grew up with brothers, therefore we grew up as a stereotypical girlie girls. Pink was my favorite color, I loved boy bands, I had a pair of 'dress up' heels and yep, I played with Barbies. 

Personally, I believe playing with Barbie is a great way for children to use their imagination and to better 'practice' communication. I know that there are many discussions around Barbie and body issue, however, I don't have abnormal issues with my body, apart from thinking that I have fat thighs (but who doesn't?) 

Barbie has been there for girls for over 50 years. She was in a long term relationship with Ken for over 43 years. Ken and Barbie were like Peanut Butter and Jam (aka Jelly), Lindsay Lohan and Partying, Spaghetti and Meatballs, they went hand-in-hand. Barbie also got pregnant, had a family, a dog/ cat, had a tone of BFF's, a Porche, Celebrity friends (inc. Spice Girls & Britney Spears) and had the most amazing closet!! Oh, and did I mention that Barbie is now dating a guy named Blaine who happens to be Australian! You go girl!! 

I  have so many Barbies (approx 50+) including 4 Ken's, Geri Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Britney Spears, Cinderella, her siblings (Stacie, Kelly and Krissy), her friends (Teresa, Kelly, and Tracy), Mermaid Barbie, Gymnast Barbie and many, many more! They are all stored in a box in the garage (we don't exactly have a basement or attic). Crazy right?!

But the funniest thing happened, I was having a conversation with my boy regarding Barbies, when he sheepishly confessed that he has a box... or two... of GI Joes stored in his garage. Could it be possible for Barbie and GI Joe to meet? 

"GI JOE And Barbie, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes Love, second comes Marriage, third comes Triplets all in a carriage."

When I visited NYC in April last year, I dropped into Toy World in Times Square. Once I walked into the Barbie section I wouldn't leave, until my bf dragged me out kicking and screaming. It was Barbie heaven! I believe that you never truly can out grow your Barbie collection. Look at Paris Hilton- she is rumored to be playing Barbie in an upcoming movie. How classic!

Barbie has made millions out of merchandise, cars, clothes, houses, movies and other Barbie branded products. I think I also had the Barbie books. 

I truly can say that I idolize Barbie in some way or another. Not in a sickly copy-her-style way, but rather in an appreciate-what-you've-been-through kinda way. 

When I have girls I will definitely be bringing out my Barbie's for them to play with, and if I have boys.... well, I guess my boy had better dust off his GI Joe collection. 

I hope this inspires you to dust off your Barbie's or at least add a little bit of hot pink to your everyday outfit. I think we all need a little bit of Barbie in our lives!


Falling head over heels

I love heels as much as the next girl, trust me I really do. Every time I'm flicking through a magazine I will automatically look at the shoes in any photo shoot and find out where they're from and how much they are.... is that normal?  

I am only 153cm and have the nickname 'Tiny Dancer'. But ask me how many times I wear heels in a week and my answer would be "once if I'm going out, and only at night". Now ask me how many heels I own, answer: "I've lost count, my family calls me Imelda Marcos ".  Crazy, I know, but upon further investigation I discovered that 9 out of 10 of my friends have a love of heels that they never or rarely wear. One friend has the cutest leopard kitten heels that she has never worn out of the house. Another friend has a pile (yes you hear correct 'a pile', no boxes, just 'a pile') of heels, with a few sandals and sneakers thrown in for good measure. We then discovered that she's not the only one in her family to have this 'small' obsession with shoes, but her sister, mum and even her dad have a large collection of assorted shoes. 

I asked a friend why she loved shoes, in particular heels, and she told me something I will tell myself every time I make a shoe purchase, "Shoes will never make you look fat." Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is so true! I don't know about you, but I've never gone up a size in shoes (I'm a 5 1/2) and I've never had to ask my bf if my feet look fat in these. 

So now I have decided to reorganize my shoe collection and start dusting off some heels to wear out. You never know, maybe you'll see me strutting around town during daylight hours.  

Let me know your story, do you have a heel or shoe obsession?


Irving Penn

"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective."  - Irving Penn

RIP: 1917 - 2009 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mood Board- October

Black Beauty
Classic pieces inspired by Collette Dinnigan, Miu Miu, Dita Von Tesse, Silent Films, Irving Penn, Champagne, Diamonds, Audrey Hepburn, Tiffanys, New York... 

Garden Princess
Floaty Feminine pieces inspired by Stella McCarney, Peter Alexander, Givenchy, Camilla Belle, English tea, the country side, Paris, Mink, cupcakes, Daisies, classical music ...

Bright Bold pieces inspired by Alexander McQueen, Wizard of Oz, Viktor & Rolf, Elle Macpherson Intimates, deep sea, coral, burnt orange, poppies, cosmopolitans, Marc Jacobs, swimmers.... 

I find that creating mood boards can inspire you to try new approaches to fashion, especially as there are so many labels and every second one 'look' is in and another 'out'. Designers and fashion buyers use mood boards to ensure that their collection is consistent.

Enjoy xx

Monday, October 19, 2009

Young Designer Markets

As I was at work the other day I noticed a lovely elderly lady come in (as you do). She had short bright orange hair, about my height (which is 153cm- yes I know... tiny, right?), wearing a beautiful floaty floral kaftan with black sleek cigarette pants! And to top it all off she was wearing the cutest tort reading glasses with one square frame and the other a circle! She happen to let me know that she was in her mid 60's- bless! Well, we got chatting, as most may know I love a good chat, and she mentioned that her kaftan was from a young upcoming Australian designer that she purchased at the Young Designer Markets (YDM). How fantastic!

Upon further investigation I discovered that the YDM is held in South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, on the first Sunday of every month. It has a selection of fashion and accessories, jewellery, homewares and arts by Brisbane's upcoming designers. Not only do you bag some beautiful, unique pieces but the prices are quite reasonable. In some instances you're getting one off pieces and you never know you may see some of the labels on the runway very soon!

See you at South Bank!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

House Clothes

How to look good at home

I was helping my mother clean out her closet when I noticed that the pile of 'around-the-house-clothes' was getting larger by the minute. She was tossing all the clothes that I said no too into this pile, which believe me was quite a lot. This got me thinking... around the house clothes shouldn't just be the clothes you choose to do your cleaning in, but semi decent clothes that you would be able to wear out in public without looking like a homeless person or the cleaning lady. 

Here are some items you should consider binning or donating to your local charity:
  • Reefs or Crocs- these should only be worn by adorable babies or toddlers, definitely NOT anyone over the age of 4. Instead choose Havaianas or jelly sandals. 
  • Tight slogan t-shirt (e.g. I kissed a Vampire and I liked it) Instead choose loose vintage inspired t-shirts (think Madonna or classic rock band logos)
  • Clothes that do not fit- this can go both ways, if it's too big or too small. Stick with what fits you best as it will obviously look the more flattering. 
  • Saggy or unflattering underwear- what looks good underneath makes you feel good on the outside (note: please bin these as charity shops will not sell these items)
  • Shoes- if they are falling apart, smelly, don't fit... or just plain ugly- BIN IT!
  • Actually come to think about it, bin anything that doesn't fit, smells, broken, ugly (e.g. if you're friends go 'agh!' when you wear it) and that you haven't worn in over a year. 
Around the house clothes should consist of basic t-shirts that fit, casual harlem pants or casual shorts, a pair of Havaianas, good underwear, a headband and minimal makeup. 

Remember to still keep outfits flattering and to wear a bra as you never know when someone may drop in for a cup of sugar. 


Traveling on a budget

Travel like a Celebrity on a Waitress budget

I have just spent an awesome week/ weekend in lovely Sydney and on a fantastic budget! I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, ate at some pretty nice restaurants, stayed in a four star hotel, went shopping and had a load of fun! “How did I do this?”, you may ask. Well, apart from the fact that a) my boyfriend lives in Sydney b) I’ve also lived in Sydney and therefore know where to go for ‘budget’ activities and meals, I am also a MAJOR budgeter. I love researching cheap activities, places to eat, tours, sightseeing, shows etc. I get a great feeling from SAVING! This means more $$ to put towards clothes shopping. 

So I thought I'd list a few 'hints and tips' on budgeting when traveling within Australia (I guess this could also apply to traveling in general). 

  • Research, research, research 
  • Set a realist budget and stick to it

  • Use as a guide to flight prices but book through individual airline websites (e.g. if you see that Jetstar is the cheapest, book on Jetstar's website.) This will save you the fee that Webjet charges.  
  • Between 12- 1pm Weekdays- Happy Hour at Virgin Blue 
  • Carry on bags- saves you an extra $10 - $20 pp. If there is 2 or more traveling I suggest to purchase 1 checked luggage that you can all share. 
  • Bring your own water, food and something to keep you entertained during the flight- water usually costs $3.50 at the airport!!!

  • Sunday nights are 'cheap nights' (except for long weekends)- so ask your work if you can take the Monday off
  • Sites: , , ubid4rooms , ,,
  • and both offer Mystery Hotel packages, which will tell you the star rating, area, facilities and what the packages include- this is fantastic if you a) know the area b) like surprises (I recently booked a Secret Hotel package with in Sydney for only $99 per night at a 4 star hotel and included a bottle of bubbly- well it turned out to be The Menzies, which usually costs $180 per night! Yay me!) 
  • To make sure you get the best possible rate call up the hotel and ask for 'best rate guarantee' 
Types of Accommodation:
  • Backpacker/ Youth Hostels: is great if there is a large group of you and you don't mind sharing facilities. Also great way to meet people between 20- 35 from all over the world. 
  • Camping: pitch a tent, light a fire and get those marshmallows out! Great for romantic getaway, family trips, and exploring the wilderness. Majority of campsites offer onsite BBQs, bushwalking tours, clean facilities and swimming pools
  • Family/ Friends: visit long lost relatives, family friends, old school friends .... you get the picture. Get in touch and let them know that you'll be in the area- if they don't offer a place to stay they will almost certainly offer for you to come over for dinner.  Remember to bring a bottle of wine or a gift with you to say 'Thanks for letting me stay'. 
  • House swap: do you own a house? If so check out this website Home Xchange Vacation, Think Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in The Holiday
  • House Sitting: check out when your friends/ family are going away and offer to watch after their house while their away. Or you could check out House Minders, there is a small fee but you get to stay at someone's house virtually free! WOO HOO! 
Eating out: 
  • Lunch is cheaper than dinner
  • Buffet Breakfasts- check if your accommodation includes complimentary breakfast. 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!' Also you can always sneak a few muffins or fruit in your purse for later.... shhhh!
  • Supermarket- check out your nearest supermarket and pack some snacks in your bag for when you get hungry. If there is a kitchen in your accommodation try cooking up a meal or two... this will definitely ensure you save some mula for a couple of beverages later. 
  • Car Hire websites:, or
  • Hint: instead of paying excess for car hire get out travel insurance instead. Check it out at, this will also cover you for hospital, theft, life insurance etc.
  • Public transport: great for sight seeing, and super cheap because you can get weekly tickets and concession cards 
  • Taxi: be careful late at night and know where you need to go before you get in, you'll be surprised at how many taxi drivers don't know where the city is! 
  • Events & Festivals: check out what events/ festivals are on in the area, most are free. 
  • Markets: local crafts, home-grown food and performances- what a great way to enjoy the day
  • Museums, art galleries, monuments, parks ... most places offer a 2 for 1 deal or are free!
  • Board games: crack open Monopoly or even Scrabble and let the games begin! 
  • Corporate deals: check with your work to see what corporate discounts they have, they are free for companies to join and if they haven't already got one why not be proactive and look into it yourself! Trust me, you'll make a lot of friends in the company. 
  • eNewsletters: subscribe to newsletter for holiday websites, car sites, airlines, hotels etc. Hint: to stop your inbox from filling up, create a separate email account for subscriptions. 
  • Coupons/ Dockets: check the back of your supermarket receipts or check out or entertainment books for great savings on dining, accommodation, flights, tours, theme parks etc. 
Hope that helps you as much as it has helped me! Happy holidays! 


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Swimsuits to suit your body shape

This may be hard to hear.... but we don't all have the perfect beach body like Elle Macpherson at a photo shoot in the Bahamas.  Wish we did, but its highly unlikely. But this doesn't mean we can flaunt what we have got and it doesn't mean that we're not hot, because you are! 

There are many different body types out there (as Trinny and Susannah have pointed out) but for the purpose of this article I will be focusing on three main body types- Petite, Curvy and Athletic. 


The Rules:
  • Don't over do it with lots of prints or straps- less is more
  • Take the plunge- a low neckline or halter neck will add make your upper body appear longer 
  • High cut bottoms make your legs longer 
  • Add padding to your top to give it a little bit extra wow factor 
  • Don't use too much material 
Prints and Patterns:
  • Polka dots, small flowers, retro print, branding (yes, its okay to brand), animal prints, bold colors, ruffles, beading, frills and knitted 

Tigerlily Maria Bikini, Sunburn Frill Me Ruffle Mini Tube Bandeau, Rip Curl Pixie Retro Tie 
Bikini, Flamingo Sands Looped Bandeau Bikini. 


The Rules:
  • Large bust? Mix bold patterns with solid bottoms. This will take the focus off your rear. 
  • Ruching will distract the eye from the waist. 
  • If you've got it, flaunt it. Hide flaws and accentuate assets. e.g. one piece to cover the tummy, or boy legs to cover thighs
  • Wide bands give better support. Especially under the bust and around the waist. 
Prints and Patterns:
  • Solid dark colors, large bold patterns, buttons, ruching, bows, ties, belts, inbuilt bras, halter, thick straps, boy legs, full piece, tankini and keep it simple
Palazzi Story 25 One Piece, Matt Audrey One Piece, Tigerlily Oui Taylor, Flamingo Sands Zebra Flowers Looped One Piece. 


The Rules:
  • Halters will show off the shoulders and minimise the bust- be careful with halters if you have broad shoulders. 
  • If you love to excercise, surf, run or do any other physical activity at the beach, its best to choose full-cut bottoms. 
  • Big prints will break up the silhoette and create curves. 
  • Bright colors can be used to highlight your best assets- like you toned abs or butt. 
Prints and Patterns:
  • Bright, fluro, stripes, boy shorts, ties, supported bikini tops, tankini and bikinis 
Roxy Mid Heat Halter, Tigerlily Max One Piece, Flamingo Sands Garden of Eden Halter Neck Bikini, Flamingo Sands Cut-Away One-Piece.  

Enjoy xx

Hints & Tips: shopping for the perfect swimmers this summer

Cosi, Swimmers or Togs... 

I for one love the surf, sand and sun in the summer time, however I am very rarely bothered to go swimmer shopping. Its just as bad as underwear shopping except for the fact that hundreds of strangers will see you in your swimmers. 

Here are some tips on shopping for the perfect swimmers:

  • Wear comfortable clothes when going shopping- I would recommend something that is easy to take off (e.g. a dress) and also thongs (don't want to pong out the change rooms)
  • G-strings and a good bra! If you are a completely sane person, you will already be aware that you are to leave your underwear on when trying on swimmers. Leave your daggy undies for when you're laying around the house. 
  • Fake tan a day before. This is so you will glow under the fluorescent shop lights, and it also minimizes lines, cellulite, veins etc.
  • Don't feel like you have to take your boyfriend or male friend with you (see story 'Hints & Tips on shopping with your boyfriend')
  • Research what style of swimmers will suit your body shape (see story 'Swimsuits to suit your body shape')

At the shop:

  • Browse the sale sections-  bargain central 
  • To brand or not to brand- do you want your bum to be a billboard or would you prefer cute little floral swimmers where the brand name is on the tag on the inside? 
  • Ask for assistance- yes sometimes shop assistants look at you like they would rather be somewhere else, but about 9 times out of 10 they will know what their talking about in terms of the product in store.
  • Have fun and dance around a bit in the change rooms- remember that the swimmers and YOU will look totally different at the beach than in a claustrophobic fitting room, with skinny mirrors and bright lights. 
  • Return policy- I recommend asking this for anything that you purchase. 

I hope this has helped you as much as it helped me... 

Look forward to seeing you at the beach soon. 


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's in the bag?

I was cleaning through my bag and I came across a few essentials that every girl should carry.

1. iPhone (you can now take pictures, picture message, surf the next, find you way to the closest shops through GPS, video, go on FB and much more!). Purse (duh!). Sunglasses (these are great to have on you all the time as you never know when you'll get home from a night out)

2. Hairbrush with Mirror (need I say more?). Marc Jacobs Daisy (or something similar). Evian Water (this is a must- as you will need to stay rehydrated all day long) . Nivea hand moisturizer (do you want to end up with old wrinkly hands at the age of 26?). 5 Gum (just encase you need to pash someone quickly)

3. Hand Sanitizer (I for one cannot stand public toilets! So I use a bottle a week) . Sportsgirl Lighten up lig gloss (is a great conversation starter as the lip gloss has an inbuilt light). Maybelline Lash Blast Mascara (lashes so long it looks like your wearing falsies). L'Oreal True Match foundation (I use this to touch up after I have had a massive meal) Dove deodorant (nothting worse than BO!) . Sportsgirl Bronzer (golden glow all day round)

Spring Denim

"I'm not selling sex. I'm selling underwear and jeans, and I'm not trying to do it with pornography."- Calvin Klein
The best advice I received about jeans is 'in every wardrobe there should be at least 3 jeans. Dark denim for night, mid denim for day, and light denim for spring/ summer.'

I can tick dark and mid denim off my list, but I have yet to try a light denim jean! I see them everywhere, especially now that Spring is getting closer. I especially like the skinny, ripped, light denim jean that I have seen Nicky Hilton, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss wearing. I have been doing my research of the top light wash denim out there, and this is what I have come up with:

Over $200

Bettina Liano O JEANS Collections Vintage Wash ($269), Sass & Bide Neon Nights Ripped ($220), Sass & Bide Neon Nights ($220)

Sass & Bide Starting Something ($220), Lee Licks Bleached Hipped Skinny Zip ($219.95), Nudie Superblue Tight John ($294.95)

Under $200
Sportsgirl Bleached Distressed ($119.95), Dotti Fashion Bleached Distressed Tube ($69.95), Bardot Luella Skinny ($149.95)

Wrangler Libertine Jean ($139.95), Lee L1 Vingtage Chip Supatube ($159.95), Wrangler Libertine Jean ($139.95)

*Note: all prices are subject to change are in $AU

Monday, July 20, 2009


Smell That?!
I am in lust with the new Flora by Gucci. I found it at a great price on Strawberry Net. My birthday isn't far away, should I get it now or leave hints for my parents?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bubbles is watching...

Hayden Penettiere

Not only does she fight against the killing of dolphins in Japan but she is so fashionable. Every time I open a magazine there she is! I love it.

How to get her look:

Hayden is young, fresh and feminine. She love showing off a bit of leg (and why shouldn't she), she also loves accessories and statement shoes. She's what every girly girl wants to aspire to. But how can you achieve her look and still have e nough mula to go out with? Well I have looked around and come across some key pieces.

  • It's all about dresses and skirts, especial ly in summer
  • Pastel colors look great, and will take you day to night
Forever New Embellished Tie Front Kaftan ($149.95), Cooper Street Melvin Striped Frock ($159.95), Cooper Street Dream Weaver Frock ($169.95), Sportsgirl Mesh Cha Cha Dress ($119.95)

  • Its all about statement shoes- don't be a fraid to mix chunky black heels with a feminine frock
  • Tip- practice walking in heels before you venture out, also the more beverages you have the more harder it is to balance on heels, so go what you are comfortable with
  • Party feet are the answer to all your feet problems

Mimco Glow in the dark Booties ($349), Glamour Puss Ballet ($139.95), Siren Cult ($139.95)

  • Charm bracelets, chandelier earrings, f eminine head bands, broaches and chunky bangles make up the perfect outfit
  • Tip #1: if you outfit has color in it always stick with that color
  • Tip #2: my Mum would always say- either earrings & bangle or necklace & bangle or earrings & necklace never all 3! This is so you don't end up over cluttering the outfit
  • Tip #3: less is more
Mimco Floral Muse Necklace ($329), Mimco Crystal Pearl Studs ($99.95), Mimco Treasures Charm Bracelet ($249)

Diva Gold Corsage Layer ($32.99), Sportsgirl Vintage Boquet Brooch ($14.95), Sportsgirl Butterfly Headband ($14.95)

So go out there and let your inner Hayden shine!


*Note: all prices are subject to change are in $AU


I love cupcakes!!! They are ultra cute and a classy dessert to have anytime. Alex Perry has added his fashionable touch to the wonderful world of cupcakes. His store The Cupcake Bakery is located in Sydney and is ultra cute. However, I am lusting after the cupcakes at Cupcakes on Pitt they look like works of art and are made fresh in store. I took my 3 little nieces to Cupcakes on Pitt as a treat and they absolutely loved it and they can't stop talking about it.

Cupcakes are the perfect dessert, as they are smaller than a slice of cake, low in cost, cute to look at, delicious and a great pick me up. That's it, I'm out to get myself a cupcake. Anyone want one?


PS Whilst I was dreaming about eating a cupcake I came across this cute blog that has inspirational cupcake recipes and ideas.... maybe I'll try my hand at baking...

Shopping with your Boyfriend (Hints & Tips)

As many of know shopping with your boy can either be a mutually fun experience, or something that ends in tears and tantrums. I remember the first time I went shopping with my boy, I was sweating by the end of it. I mean he was lovely, always wanting to buy me things and wanting me to try on the tightest jeans ever. But I'm not that sort of girl. I prefer to pay for my own clothes and I know what clothes suit my body shape. But, I also like to have him come along to help out.

So I have come up with a few tips to help you and your boy through shopping together.

Remember that they are a boy- meaning that they don't like bitching, gossiping, waiting around for long periods of time and they also get hungry and tired very quickly.

  • Eat before you go- this will ensure that he is well energized
  • Plan what you need to get and let him know in advance- this will help him, help you choose what you really want and need
  • Know where you want to go and what you need to get
  • Set a time limit, I suggest 3 hours maximum at one time- say to him 'Honey, we will be finished shopping at 2pm, if we're still going you have permission to stop me.'
  • Have something to look forward too- e.g. going to the pub for dinner or coffee and a cake
At the shops:
  • Go straight to the stores you need to go to- but walk slowly
  • If you need to try items on make sure there is somewhere for him to sit. Guys don't really like standing around waiting
  • Be quick when trying items on and occasionally come out to show him- he will like to feel needed
  • Always be positive- even if he is whinging
  • Don't be indecisive- if you're tossing up between items decide to leave it and come back without the boy
If he:
  • suggests for you to try on something that you don't agree with, be polite and either take it to the change rooms or tell him you will try it later
  • offers to pay make sure it's something he can afford, and that you won't feel guilty for him buying it (okay, maybe I'm the only girl that feels slightly guilty when my boy buys me gifts)
  • disagrees or makes you feel embarrassed whilst trying on outfits then this is probably a sign not to take him shopping
Overall, keep shopping trips short, fun and always finish on a high note- like going to the pub or getting a slice of cake with a coffee. If it doesn't work out you can always take your gay BFF.

Watch this funny video before you hit the shops with you boy.

Have fun!


Top 3....

Top 3 Places I would love to live
Outside of Australia

The hustle and bustle of city life. Ahh... shoppers paradise. When I went in April last year, I loved the fact that the shops open very late and that there is constantly a buzz in the air. I would love to live like Carrie from Sex in the City. Have a cute studio apartment, with a lot of closet space, go for lunch with the girls, check out the latest fashion in Soho and watch a Broadway show every Friday night! Bliss...


Quaint Italian country life... I loved the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. This would be where I could see myself retiring or spending a year living on a lovely winery. I hear a glass of good red wine a day is good for you... I like this idea of eating home grown Italian produce everyday and getting a lovely tan whilst I am out in the fresh air all day.


The city of Love.... I can imagine myself in cute terrace apartment like in the movie Amelie. Having coffee in a cafe with a croissant every morning, being able to wear a beret without looking like a try hard and speaking french! Ahhh... béatitude....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shopping in Sydney (Hints & Tips)

Many can tell you that I am always up for a bargain. Having lived by myself in Sydney I have come to be a avid bargain hunter, not only for fashion but for food, entertainment and sightseeing activities. I thought I would share my knowledge with you.


The one main tip I have learnt is that when it is winter in Australia it is summer everywhere else. Meaning that the winter fashion will go on sale in winter, making way for the summer fashion to come in at the start of winter! Crazy?! I guess this is because Australia is keeping up with the overseas fashion season. But this is fantastic news for us. This means that we can nab a great bargain on that gorgeous coat we first saw come into the store in summer.

The massive sale seasons are usually; Boxing Day, New Year (January/ February), EOFY (June), and occassionally November (Pre Xmas sales). However, you will normally notice that stores will always have a sale section.

But definately do your research before you hit the sales as some 'bargains' will hardly save you anything at all.

Places to shop

China Town Paddy's Market- great place for unique fashion and also where you can bargain with the shop keepers (note: this is not accepted at all stalls in Paddy's Market). Also a great place to get cheap fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember to bring trolley like your nan uses as you might get a bit carried away....

Oxford Street- Bustling Oxford Street is lined with fashion and shoe boutiques, as well as homeware stores, cafés and restaurants. Just up the road is the trendy Queen Street, famous for its array of antique shops, art galleries and jewellery shops. Great place to find all your high end fashion names. Hint: plan your shopping before you go as there are lots of little boutiques down the side streets. Also remember to stop in at Max Brenner for a quick sugar fix.

Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter- not only can you watch a movie and have dinner here, but the shops stay open quite late. One of my fav shops is Funky Femme where you will find some cute pieces for under $100! Psst.. they also hold secret Sass & Bide sales as well as Fashion Auctions. So grab your BFF and get out for a night of dinner, a movie and some seriously fun shopping!

CBD- there is the obvious choice of Pitt Street Mall, however I prefer to shop indoors (there is less smokers and people hounding you). The CBD offers QVB and Strand Arcade for the shopper that likes a bit of history and culture. The main bargains you'll find are during sale season. But I would recommend it for the atmosphere.

Markets- in particular Paddingtion, Bondi, Glebe, Surry Hills, Rozelle, Balmain, the Rocks and Manly. A great way to find 'vintage' and handmade pieces. Also a great way to spend the whole day out doors in the fresh air.

Westfield- my absolute favorite Westfields in Sydney is Bondi Junction. There are 2 sections- the old section and the new section. The new section has a trendy food court that overlooks Sydney city, it also boasts the high end fashion labels. The older section is home to Target and different homewares stores. Great place to spot celebrities!

Hints & Tips:
  • research before you go shopping- know what shops you want to visit and where they are
  • have a budget in mind and leave your credit cards at home (remember don't spend money you don't have)
  • clean through your wardrobe to see what you need
  • write a shopping list
  • eat before you go- this will stop you from eating out
  • rehydrate- take a bottle of water and some snacks (e.g. nuts and fruit)
  • wear comfortable and easy to change clothes
I will keep you updated with more bargain hints and tips to help you through. Think of this as a ressionista proof plan.

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ugly Duckling...

Its amazing what a good stylist can do these days. One minute you can look like the frumpy girl next door complete with last seasons dress and absolutely no idea how to walk in heels, then suddenly a stylist equipped with a magic wand sunders in on her Gucci platforms and transforms the uncoordinated duckling into a stylish princess. A great example of this is Kristen Stewart from the Twilight saga. Boy oh, boy did she need a little guidance in the fashion department. Here she is promoting Twilight in 2008.

Cringe worthy moments. I mean, the hair, the fit of the clothes and not to mention the poses are all a little off target for a starlet. The magazine reports after these pics came out were certainly not kind. But then along came a stylist and clicked her Prada heels together to create a whole new look for the lovely Kristen. Here are some pics of her recently promoting New Moon in LA, Japan and Europe.

I particularly like the fact that the above dress has an origami touch to the hem, she wore this whilst promoting in Japan. The only criticism I would have for Kristen is to practice smiling, scowling was so last year. You know what they say, 'You're never fully dressed without a smile..'

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