Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Baby!

One of my very good friends has had a baby.. well he's almost 5 months now. He is the most cutest, adorable, sweetest, cheekiest baby I have seen yet. At her baby shower she was swimming in so many different types of baby clothes she could of put him in a different outfit everyday and still have outfits left over, but out of all of them mine really stood out (I know, I am being biased... But it's true!) I bought him a Peter Alexander baby set. One was for the first few months and said 'BOY', the next was when he was older and said 'EAT, BURP, SLEEP' and the final one is for when he can crawl and says 'LITTLE MAN'. How cute is that!? Then my Boy bought him a Micheal Jordan suit equipped with beanie and booties. AHHHH!!! I couldn't control myself when I saw the little one all dressed up, I just had to kiss those chubby cheeks!!

This got me thinking about Baby fashion. I mean, babies have no say on what they wear, so this is ultimately the best time to test out your styling skills! I then had a look back on my baby photos and let me just say the 80's weren't the best fashion era to be born into. Mum, why did you like dressing me up looking like I had a fountain on my head?

But, I then got thinking about celebrity babies. They have the most fashion conscious mothers out there, so there is never a shortage of cute clothes for them to wear. So, I decided to pick my top five fashion conscious celebrity kids (and mothers).

1. Suri

2. Kingston

3. Maddox

4. Harlow

5. Romeo

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