Sunday, October 18, 2009

House Clothes

How to look good at home

I was helping my mother clean out her closet when I noticed that the pile of 'around-the-house-clothes' was getting larger by the minute. She was tossing all the clothes that I said no too into this pile, which believe me was quite a lot. This got me thinking... around the house clothes shouldn't just be the clothes you choose to do your cleaning in, but semi decent clothes that you would be able to wear out in public without looking like a homeless person or the cleaning lady. 

Here are some items you should consider binning or donating to your local charity:
  • Reefs or Crocs- these should only be worn by adorable babies or toddlers, definitely NOT anyone over the age of 4. Instead choose Havaianas or jelly sandals. 
  • Tight slogan t-shirt (e.g. I kissed a Vampire and I liked it) Instead choose loose vintage inspired t-shirts (think Madonna or classic rock band logos)
  • Clothes that do not fit- this can go both ways, if it's too big or too small. Stick with what fits you best as it will obviously look the more flattering. 
  • Saggy or unflattering underwear- what looks good underneath makes you feel good on the outside (note: please bin these as charity shops will not sell these items)
  • Shoes- if they are falling apart, smelly, don't fit... or just plain ugly- BIN IT!
  • Actually come to think about it, bin anything that doesn't fit, smells, broken, ugly (e.g. if you're friends go 'agh!' when you wear it) and that you haven't worn in over a year. 
Around the house clothes should consist of basic t-shirts that fit, casual harlem pants or casual shorts, a pair of Havaianas, good underwear, a headband and minimal makeup. 

Remember to still keep outfits flattering and to wear a bra as you never know when someone may drop in for a cup of sugar. 


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