Monday, June 22, 2009

Out on the town

Why is it that after 12 o'clock at night I turn into a pumpkin? Well, that's what happened on Saturday night. I went to a friends birthday dinner at a lovely Lebanese restaurant, with belly dancers. 1 bottle of red later and I end up at a nice pub in Surry Hills. A few cocktails later I am jumping into a cab on the way to Star City casino... why oh, why did I go...
I ended up staying out at the casino until 6am in the morning- damn their dark windows and the fact that the casino is always open.
The next day after I had poured myself out of bed, I was flicking aimlessly through a selection of celebrity magazines and a few pics caught my eye. This one of Hayden Panettiere in particular.

I mean here she is on a night on the town, its probably about 3 or 4am in the morning, she's had an all nighter and she still looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the outfit!!!

So next time I go out on the town, I am going to listen to my inner conscience that is telling me:

"No, Annaliese, you do not need that 10th cocktail followed by a tequila shot. You can go home now and wake up tomorrow knowing that you can still enjoy the day. You can do it!"

I definitely do not want to do a Lindsay Lohan again...

Peace xxx

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