Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Closet Space

I live in the smallest studio apartment known to man. I have started calling it my jail cell. I love the fact that it is close to the city, Coles, bus stops and the cutest Italian restaurants- and that I can call it my own. But I really didn't check out the closet space when I decided to sign the lease right then and there (mainly because the nice view of Sydney was distracting me.)

The fact that I have worked in retail for nearly 4 years didn't help my situation when I started to unpack. I went next door and bought loads of coat hangers, shoe racks, plastic draw stackers and a bottle of bubbly to help me through. But it still didn't helped. (I did however enjoy the bubbly...)

I even went through my clothes and decided to give some to charity- still no luck. Mind you, the 'charity' clothes are still in a large plastic bag on the very top of the cupboard, just encase...

There are clothes in piles on chairs in my room, stacked in bags under my bed, piled high in the cupboard and I think I sometimes even sleep on top of them. Oh, did I mention I have a couple of pairs of shoes under my desk at work?? Crazy, I know.

I have also noticed that I am only wearing a small section of my clothes and have stopped going shopping . Maybe this is a good thing- I don't know. But one thing I do know is, this will never happen again.

So anyways... Now that I am in the process of moving I need to have a massive closet clean up. So out come the plastic space bags (my best friend Chloy loves these), suit cases, boxes, willpower, determination and of course a nice bottle of bubbles.

I will tell you one thing that I have learnt from this experience, and that is to always check the closet and storage space before you sign the lease- even if there is the most spectacular view just outside the window.

Wish me luck.


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