Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 years of Beauty

[Above] Press advertisement in Votre Beaute in 1932 for L'Oreal Blanc, the secret of platinum blondes.

100 years of beauty for L'Oreal, formally known as La Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives Pour Cheveux — 'the Safe Hair-Dye Company of France'. L'Oréal dates its origins back to 1909, to a small apartment in Paris in which the dining room doubled as a demonstration area and the kitchen as a laboratory. It was here that French chemist Eugène Schueller started L'Oreal with only €120 in his pocket. It has now gone on to be a multibillion dollar company.

One of L'Oreal first guiding principle was (and still remains to be) 'research and innovation in the interest of beauty'.

I was reading an article today saying that 'lipstick sales increase during the recession', I am wondering if this can be true. Mark O'Keefe General Manager of L'Oreal Consumer Divison said 'Lipstick sales increase pretty much every year, It's one of those categories that just grows, so I don't know whether you can attribute it to any particular crisis.' I guess the fact the L'Oreal has survived 100 years is sure proof that beauty never fades...

I also read that you can tell a lot about the economy by alcohol sales. When times are good, champagne sales increase, when times are tough, beer sales increase. Hmm... not too sure about that, but I like the way they think.

So get out you lipstick wands and pop open a bottle of bubbles its time to save the world!


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