Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pet Peeves

Ok, so I need to get it off my chest. Ever since I started living in Sydney I have become a bitter, complaining, nagging, whinging, negative person. I have yelled at kids in the movies, covered my nose in disgust as people smoke near me, and then complain loudly on the phone whenever someone is walking on the wrong side of the footpath! Is it just me, or is this city living up to the name the 'Big Smoke'?

So as I mentioned earlier, I yelled at a few kids in the movies. Normally I wouldn't mind, however it was a scary movie and they were imaturelly giggling. Also I had paid $18.50 for the ticket, not to mention $15 for popcorn and a coke, then to top it all off I sat on a wet seat! Ah, I'm not normally so snappy, but suddenly I just snapped!

As for the smoking, don't get me started... I mean aren't there suppose to be anti-smoking laws for certain areas... like.. ah, don't know.... the beach for starters and parks... oh, and bus stops, and where people are eating. I purposely run past people smoking covering my mouth just so I don't have to breath in that horrible tar. I don't need to be a smoker just because you like it! Can't you do it somewhere else, like far away from normal people. Preferably not where there are children, people enjoying the fresh air, people eating, people exercising or where there are people at all. I mean don't get me wrong, I realize that smokers also think smoking is bad and that it is a hard habit to kick, but think about this... if you quit today you will be saving the environment, your health and not to mention you will be saving yourself listening to people like me nagging you to stop. So there you go, stop smoking!

As for the footpath scenario... well, its kinda like driving a car, you stick to one side, drive in the slow lane if you are a learner, indicate and look before turning. If only it were this simple walking on a footpath. I mean please walk to the left hand side, if your slow please do not take up the entire footpath as people may want to get past, and if you feel like turning, please check if there isn't someone in your way! Is that too hard to ask?

Well, thats about all from me today. I'm not normally one to vent, but this really took the cake, I mean the whole cake!

Peace & Love xx

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