Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashion Passion

I made a pack with a friend that we would not spend ANY money on material possessions, namely on clothes for 1 whole month. This was very hard considering that we both work at a clothing store on the weekends.

Well, today is officially 1 month from the day, and let me tell you it was hard. I ended up sweating if anyone mentioned a new purchase around me. I couldn't believe that I would have been like that! Can you think of a more materialistic, selfish act? I mean I should be sweating up a storm when someone mentions the suffering in Africa, or the killing of innocent animals in Canada.

I wouldn't recommend that you do this, especially if you shop as a way to relieve stress. Trust me, you will end up spending more then you save once the drought is over.

So, I now have a plan of attack for when Saturday comes. First, I will ruffle through my wardrobe throwing away any unwanted items (possibly giving them to a charity or my sisters), I will then have a list of items I need/ want. I have searched the stores I want to visit online, so that I will have some sort of budget formed. Bardot, Sportsgirl, Forever New, Myer, DJs, GP.... the list goes on. Then I will get up early enough on Saturday to hit the shops running!

Now let me tell you, this is very out of my character. Out of my friends and family I am the one saving (don't know what for...) however if I can save a dollar, I will. However, the saying goes 'you want something when its gone' (or something like that). And boy oh boy do I want it. haha.

Don't worry I will be back to normal after this weekend.

Love xx

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