Monday, March 15, 2010

NYC Prep Style

How to add a bit of NYC to your everyday outfit

I am loving the NYC preppy style. Think Gossip Girl meets Clueless meets Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Here in the land Down Under the NYC Preppy style needs to be tweaked ever so slightly to fit in with our relaxed lifestyle, climate, social events and budget.

I've been doing my research and have found the important essentials to add to your Preppy Girl wardrobe. My NYC Prep style icon is Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

The Headband

The very essence of Preppy. You most likely were forced to wear them when you were in primary school in order to keep the hair out of your face. You also were most likely to throw it on the floor, break it, loose it or give it to your friends.

Well, stand back as the headband is now making a come back. And its not only to be used for bad hair days or because you need to grow out your fringe. It's to be worn to every occasion and anytime of the day. Blair usually wears hears with her hair down, which I personally prefer as it looks more casual. Also bigger is better. Try channeling your inner Alice in Wonderland with the classic Alice Band, or maybe you prefer a floral fascinator, or perhaps you're a bit like me and purchase every headband out there!

The structured blazer and cute cardigan 

I just went and bought 3 cropped, tailored blazers in 1 day! I couldn't help myself, they were just too cute!

Hints and Tips:

  • Invest in a bright colored jacket to be worn over dresses (personally favorite is red or bright yellow)
  • Remember the climate- here in Australia it seems to be either the wet or the dry season, depending on where you live. So don't buy an expensive, bulky jacket that you will never be able to wear. Instead go with something that is light weight with a fantastic lining 
  • Petite? Wear cropped and tailored jackets as this will make you look in proportion. Tall? You're lucky. Anything goes, try a loose fitted, long blazer with a long top and leggings for an alternative preppy look


Stockings/ Tights/ Knee High Socks 

Thanks to the colder months (my fav is Autum ) we can finally see ourselves wearing stocking, tights, and knee high socks. Blair rocked tons of different pairs of tights in every pattern and color imaginable.

Hints and Tips:
  • Colors- try bright reds (Blairs signature color), yellow, aqua, white, grey. Try matching the colors to another smaller part of your outfit- e.g. headband, bag, accessories. 
  • Patterns- anything goes. I personally prefer black patterned stockings, definitely NOT fishnets (did you want to look like a Playboy Bunny?!) Instead go for flowers, hearts, stripes, checks and spots to complete your preppy look. 
  • Knee High Socks- OK, this is a tricky one. You can either look like a Japanese Tourist, a school girl or just plain trashy. If you are comfortable with your legs then anything goes, however I would suggest to wear black or grey knee high socks over black stockings with a flared or pleated skirt. Stick with flat enclosed shoes to complete your preppy look

Overall, the NYC preppy Style is classy, tailored and feminine. Remember to have fun with it, try new things and make it your own signature style.

You know you love me! XOXO

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